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Mortgage Services

Conventional Mortgage Loans

In addition to providing you flexible options, competitive rates and sound advice, The Peoples Community Bank will retain your mortgage servicing. This means that when you have a question, you call us and we'll provide the answer. When you make a payment, you make your payment here. When you need to withdraw funds from your escrow account for taxes or insurance, you call us.

You may also choose to improve your interest rate by opting for a servicing-released mortgage. Although we no longer have control of your loan, in that instance, you may always call us for help when you need it.

Fixed-Rate Conventional Mortgages

The most common option selected, fixed-rate mortgages are available for loan amounts up to $417,000. Loans come with no prepayment penalty and minimal down payment requirements on owner-occupied or second homes. For those who have less than the required down payment to meet program guidelines, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is available.

Jumbo Mortgages

For mortgages in excess of $424,100 we offer programs that are typically underwritten to private investor guidelines. Competitive fixed or adjustable rates are available with loan amounts to $1,000,000.