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Enhanced Security for Online Banking

December 11, 2012

We are pleased to announce enhanced security for online banking.  Beginning in mid-December, your online banking experience will include a new security service, which will further help protect you from identity theft.

The major change you will notice is that the Challenge Question will be replaced with a phone-delivered
One-Time Password (OTP) to better protect you from credential theft.  In addition, User ID and Password requirements are being modified for easier online access.

New requirements are as follows:

  • User Name – minimum of six characters (alpha or numeric)
  • Password – minimum eight characters (must include 1 alpha, 1 numeric, and 1 special character)
  • Bad login attempts – Three (before account is blocked)
  • Password Expiration – 120 days

Once this new security service takes effect, you will be prompted to enroll your phone number for use in delivering the One-Time Password for each computer you use to access online banking. In the future, you will use the One-Time Password feature instead of answering Challenge Questions.

In addition to these enhanced security features, you will also notice new enhancements to the look and navigation your Online Banking platform.

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Regarding the Enhanced Security Upgrade

Why is Enhanced Security So Important?

Here are some facts and figures about cyber-hackers:

  • A hacker with a fast computer can crack a four-number password in a tenth of a second.
  • An eight-number password takes a bit longer to break, but still under two minutes.
  • However, change that eight-number password to letters, numbers and punctuation marks, and a hacker will need 210 years.
  • For a 12-character code like that – 17 million years.