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Here is a story shared recently by a customer of the bank.  We thought you might find this interesting...
"Only in a small town would this happen... After getting ready for a garage sale, hanging up signs, running errands to the bank, school and post office. I noticed that I lost the large diamond out of my wedding ring. I called the school to see if by chance they found it. I Looked around my garage but no luck spotting it. I then called my insurance agent to file a claim...only later calling him back to let them know that it was found, in the drawer at the drive up window at the ARENA branch at The Peoples Community Bank by JACKIE GATES!
She had called me to ask if I had lost anything on that day. I told her YES my diamond ring! (well only the diamond from my ring). She informed me that she had it there. She saw something shiny in the drawer and after further inspection, she and Jen Rose discovered it was a diamond. After process of elimination, recalling the morning customers that used the drive up, they determined that it must be mine.
It is reassuring to know that HONEST and trustworthy people that live in our community and work at MY bank! THANK YOU JACKIE GATES and JEN ROSE!!"
- Jackie Johnson-Kruse