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Fraud Alert | Heartbleed

April 11, 2014
On Monday security researchers announced a recently-discovered vulnerability called "Heartbleed" which could enable attackers to access sensitive customer data on some online and mobile banking servers.
To start with, Heartbleed is a hole in software security that allows someone to steal protected information like passwords.  The bad guys can eavesdrop on communications, steal data, and even impersonate users and services.
This vulnerability was found in what is termed the "OpenSSL cryptographic software library" which is only important because it is estimated to encrypt communication on around 66% of websites worldwide.
What is important to customers of The Peoples Community Bank is that the online banking service we offer does not use the OpenSSL library that is the source of the vulnerability and has never done so.
Your personal data has not been compromised.
Our online banking service is protected and safe for your use.
Thanks for your attention.