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Customer Alert: Mortgage Auditing Scam Reported

April 3, 2012

We are informing you about a scam reported recently by several of our mortgage customers.  These customers received a one-page letter from a company called the “Mortgage Auditing Program,” which claims that “you may be owed a refund of several thousand dollars from your mortgage lender.”

The letter states that “your monthly mortgage payment may have been miscalculated and you may be due a refund from either your current or previous mortgage lender.”

The letter further states “you are eligible for a mortgage analysis and refund review.”  Just as we suspected, we were asked for $299.00 to begin the refund review when we called the phone number from one of the letters.

There appear to be numerous scams present today that attempt to lure people with hooks such as “free money” and “large refund.”  As more scams like this surface, please pay close attention to the messages you see and hear.

As always, stop and think carefully before responding to any offer from an unknown source.  Thank you for your attention.

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