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May/June 2012

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Mobile Banking App Download Now Available

Tap into your online banking account with our new Mobile Banking App!  Our new Mobile App is a tool that enables you to efficiently access your account information, transfer funds and pay bills from your iPhone, iPad or Android powered mobile device that has Internet access from a WIFI source or a 3G/EDGE network.

First you must download our Mobile App from the iTunes App Store or Android Market You can do this either from your mobile phone or computer. If you do access our App from your computer, the App will install on your mobile phone the next time the phone is connected to your computer.

Once you download the App, you log in with the same user ID and password that you use for online banking.  No separate or different registration is required.  Once logged in, you can access your accounts, pay bills and transfer money between accounts.  

Our new Mobile App is safe and secure.  All communication between your mobile device and the mobile banking server is encrypted. In addition, your password and account information are never stored on the mobile device.

For answers to your questions about our new app, please email us or call (800) 795-2151.  For help regarding your mobile device and/or wireless Internet connectivity, please contact your wireless provider.

Enhanced Security for Online Banking

Soon we will be upgrading your online banking experience to include a new security service, which will further help protect you from identity theft.

The major change you will notice is that the Challenge Question will be replaced with a phone-delivered One-Time Password (OTP) to better protect you from credential theft.  Once your computer is enrolled, online banking will look and function the same for you as it has in the past.

Once this new security service takes effect, you will be prompted to enroll your phone number for use in delivering the One-Time Password for each computer you use to access online banking.  In the future, you will use the One-Time Password feature instead of answering Challenge Questions.

Why is Enhanced Security So Important?

Here are some facts and figures about cyber-hackers:

  • A hacker with a fast computer can crack a four-number password in a tenth of a second. 
  • An eight-number password takes a bit longer to break, but still under two minutes.
  • However, change that eight-number password to letters, numbers and punctuation marks, and a hacker will need 210 years.
  • For a 12-character code like that - 17 million years.

Addicted To Your Apps?  Three Things to Know Before You Download

When it comes to apps and widgets, the last few years have seen a bona fide explosion with over half a million available for the iPhone alone.  

Unfortunately, as you might expect, there are criminals out there determined to ruin your day.  So before you download your next app or widget, keep these three things in mind:

Know who and where it came from.  One major advantage of apps is that they can be built by anyone – from large corporations to the convenience store down the street.  The downside is that…they can be built by anyone, including a cyber thief with malicious intent.  So before you click that download button, make sure you’re getting an app from the official market of whatever platform you’re on. Also, check to see that an app is well rated and highly downloaded. Those are two glaring clues as to the purity of its intent.

Read the fine print.  When you download an app, you’re often asked to give the developer permission to certain information and abilities, including allowing the application to prevent the phone from sleeping, to read who the users call and which states they’re from, or allowing access to the phone’s Internet connection. Keep an eye on what the developer is asking for, especially anything that allows them to make calls or send texts from your phone.  This can be used by scammers to rack up expensive texting charges.

Protect your devices.  If you haven’t already done so, download an anti-virus app to your mobile device.  Start by doing some research and downloading an antivirus program for whatever platform you’re on. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android or a Windows Phone, so long as you get it from the official app shop, you can download without a care and protect yourself from a future app attack.

Congratulations to Gift Card Prize Winners

The Peoples Community Bank wants to thank those of you continuing to receive our periodic e-mail news, alerts and announcements.  Congratulations to these recent winners of a $50 VISA gift card:

  • Dale H., Spring Green, WI
  • Gordon P., Lone Rock, WI
  • Jodie F., Mazomanie, WI
  • Kathy F., Lone Rock, WI
  • Martin K., Plain, WI
  • Patricia B., Mazomanie, WI

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