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Personal Services

Online & Mobile Services

Services and tools to help you manage your money safely and securely, at home and on the go. Enjoy instant access and freedom to use as often as you choose...more info.

VISA Rewards Credit Card

Earn cash back with a VISA Classic Credit Card or points toward travel or merchandise with a VISA Gold Credit Card from The Peoples Community Bank...more info.

Checking AccountsCompare Accounts Switch Kit  Apply Now 

Three refreshingly simple checking accounts designed to help you save money, increase earnings, reduce risk and make your life easier...more info.

Savings AccounCompare AccountstsSwitch KitApply Now     

Easy to manage, high-value savings options to help you protect your cash, earn interest and minimize investment risk...more info.

Certificates of Deposit   Apply Now

Opportunities to earn a guaranteed, competitive interest rate until the maturity date at no cost...more info.

Retirement Accounts   Apply Now

There are a variety of retirement investment options and we can help you determine which one is the right fit...more info.

Personal Loans

To help you get the money you need fast, we offers several personal loan options with competitive rates, repayment choices and quick approval...more info