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Features Simply Green Checking Plus Premium Checking
Best if you want

A paperless account

A basic checking account An account that pays interest with unlimited check writing
Balance to Open $0 $0 $0
Does account pay interest No No Interest paid on balances > $2,500; compounded monthly
MasterCard Debit Card* Included Included Included
ATM MoneyPass® Access Included Included Included
Online Banking Included Included Included
Online Bill Pay Included Included Included
E-Statements Included Included Included
Online check images Included Included Included
Mobile & Text Banking Included


Mobile check deposit Included Included Included
Mobile P2P payments** Included Included Included
Mobile A2A payments*** Included Included Included
Finance Works (personal financial management tool) Included Included Included
FDIC Insurance Up to $250,000 per depositor Up to $250,000 per depositor Up to $250,000 per depositor
Supply of checks No No Yes - up to 2 boxes per year
Safe deposit box Annual rental available Annual rental available 3x5 box included
Personal Reserve Account (overdraft protection)* Available with annual fee Available with annual fee No

*Subject to credit approval

**3 Person to Person (P2P) payments allowed per statement cycle with no fee.  More than 3 payments incur a $2.00 fee per item.  Expedited (next day) payments are available for a fee of $10.00 per item.

***Unlimited incoming Account to Account (A2A) transfers with no fee.  Outgoing A2A transfers incur a $2.00 fee per transfer.

For current rate information click here or call 1-800-795-2151.

  • Simply Green Checking:  This is a paperless account that requires no minimum balance to open.  The monthly fee of $4.95 is waived with direct deposit of payroll or for students age 22 and under.  Checks or other paper items paid against the account are assessed a fee of $1.00 per item and paper statements are available for $2.00 per statement cycle.
  • Checking Plus: Requires no minimum balance or deposit to open and provides surcharge-free ATM transactions and a no-annual fee MasterCard debit card.  The monthly service charge of $7.95 can be waived with 3 or more qualifying services from the list below or combined deposit balances of $2,500 or more.  Write up to 15 checks per month with no per item fee.  Checks paid in excess of 15 monthly will incur a $0.25 per item service charge.  Paper statements are available on this account for $2.00 per statement cycle. 
  • Premium Checking: This is an interest-bearing account that offers unlimited check writing with no per item fee, up to two boxes of checks per year, a 3x5 safe deposit box, a no-annual fee MasterCard debit card and more!  The monthly service fee of $9.95 can be waived with 5 or more qualifying services from the list below or with combined deposit account balances of $10,000 or more.  Interest is earned on balances of $2,500 or more and is paid and adjusted monthly based on current market conditions.  Both the interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) may change after opening the account.  There is a $2.00 fee for paper statements only if online banking is a service selected and you elect not to receive online statements. 


Checking Plus  Premium Checking
 Direct Deposit of payroll or retirement  Direct deposit of payroll or retirement
 Email alerts  Email alerts
 Savings account with balance >$250  Savings account balance with >$250
 Money market account  Money market account
 Certificate of deposit  Certificate of deposit
 Individual Retirement Account  Individual Retirement Account
 Mortgage Loan  Mortgage Loan
 Auto loan  Auto loan
 Credit card  Credit card
 Personal Reserve Account*  Investment Center Account
 Investment Center Account  


 *Subject to credit approval