3rd Quarter 2018

Inside This Issue:

Joann Manteufel & Monica Reeve to Retire

Joann Manteufel has been a staple at our Barneveld location for almost all of the 19 years we’ve been in town. She began her banking career in 1979 where she started out as a data processor with the Barneveld State Bank. She joined us in July of 2000 and in the time since has helped us grow as a bank with a foundation based on exceptional customer service.

This summer Joann will be stepping into retirement after a long and dedicated career in banking. When asked what she will miss the most Joann replied, “I will really miss working with my customers! It has been such an honor and pleasure to help them with their banking needs for the past 35 years.”
Active in both the community and her church, Joann has always called Barneveld home. In retirement she plans to continue volunteering, while also spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Monica Reeve will be retiring from the bank after nearly 16 years of service. She has been an important member of our Arena team. Her attention to detail and kind-hearted nature will be missed.

Monica has always been active in the Arena community. She’s volunteered countless hours for the grade school and her church where she serves as a CCD teacher. Monica is looking forward to spending time with her grandchildren, visiting relatives and friends, and joining her husband, Greg, in retirement.

Please join us in extending Joann and Monica best wishes as they step into retirement.

Mieden New Branch Manager in Barneveld

Megan Mieden will be stepping in for Joann Manteufel as our Barneveld location manager beginning this summer. Last year when we began looking ahead and planning for Joann’s well-deserved retirement we knew we had big shoes to fill with her replacement. Luckily we didn’t have to look too far to find Megan, whose history with the bank dates back to 2000. Megan began working with us in high school as a Customer Service Representative and a few years later came back to participate in our college internship program.

We are delighted to have her on our team. And while Joann is leaving some big shoes to fill, we know Megan is up to the task and will continue delivering on the excellent customer service precedent that Joann established.

Megan is a graduate of Edgewood College where she earned her degree in business and is currently working on her MBA in Business Administration, which she is scheduled to complete in 2019. Megan, along with her husband, Kyle, and their two young daughters, Landyn and Kylie, make their home in Barneveld.

If you haven’t done so already, stop in to our Barneveld location to meet Megan!

New to the Team

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new employees to our team; Dean Manteufel and Ginny Frederick.

Dean Manteufel joins us as a Customer Service Representative (CSR), working primarily at our Arena and Barneveld locations. Dean, a native of Barneveld, and his wife Jan live in Madison. They have plans to build a home and relocate to Mineral Point where Jan grew up. They have three adult children (Ryan, Alyssa, and Erinn). In his free time, Dean enjoys working on and flipping houses. When he’s not at work or searching for his next flip, he enjoys spending time with his family at their cabin in Waupaca.

Ginny Frederick has joined our team in Arena where she is serving as a CSR. She has had a long career in customer service, including a brief time at Arcadia Books in Spring Green. Ginny makes her home between Spring Green and Arena not far from where she grew up. She has two adult children, a son and a daughter, who live in the Madison area. In her free-time, Ginny enjoys many hobbies outside, including hiking, gardening, riding her motorcycle, and working on small projects around the house. 

Please help us welcome Dean and Ginny to the bank!

Tips for Securing Your Mobile Devices

Nearly all of us these days have some type of mobile device that is essentially a part of us. It is filled with all kinds of personal information, such as our contacts, our email conversations, and perhaps even our health information. Losing it, having it accessed without permission, or finding out it’s infested with malware can be a really scary moment. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect those devices and the information on them.

Keep Your Eye on Them
Of course, don’t let them out of your sight when in public places. If you are in a café, for example, and need to step away for a bit, use a locking tether and attach it to something so someone walking by cannot quickly grab it. However, it really is better to just take it with you, no matter how inconvenient that may be. And make sure all your devices are set to auto-lock after a certain amount of time without use. The lowest amount of time available is recommended.

Don’t Modify Them After Purchase
It’s tempting to “jailbreak” your devices to download apps that are not in the official app stores. But we caution against it because it puts you at more risk. While there is no guarantee that malicious apps are not in those stores, the likelihood is significantly lower. So, stick to doing some research on the apps you want, read the reviews, and only use the official stores to get those products and you will have a lower chance of getting something nasty that steals your banking login credentials, puts ransomware on the device, or just renders it useless.

Protect With Passwords or PINs 
Always make sure your mobile devices are password or PIN protected. While biometrics including face recognition are becoming more common and can certainly be quicker and easier than putting in a passcode, you should have that code enabled too.  Research from the Pew Research Center showed that over 30% of those asked didn’t bother to set up a passcode on their smartphones. This just leaves those devices more vulnerable to being stolen and having the data wiped so the devices can be sold. In addition, it can be somewhat easy for a complete stranger to intrude, should it be desired.

Stick To Secured Connections
Avoid using public Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, even if they are password protected. For someone “in the know,” it’s not difficult to intercept communication over public Wi-Fi networks. If you must do financial transactions, look at healthcare data, or perform other transactions that may involve sensitive data, use the cellular data connection on the device. It’s safer to just wait until you get to a location such as work or home to perform those tasks.

While you’re at it, shut off the Bluetooth if you don’t need it. Many of us probably don’t need to have it enabled all the time.

Secure It with Software 
Most people are on top of it when it comes to installing security software on computers. However, they tend to get a little lax about mobile devices. These need to have this software too. Just make sure you do your due diligence to ensure its legitimate and the right choice for your device. And of course, stick to downloading it from the official app store.

As always, keep your mobile devices updated with the latest patches and software updates. It’s easy to ignore the little red indicator, but there is a reason the developers release patches for security vulnerabilities. So make sure to get them applied as soon as possible after they are released. Keep in mind that when they are released is dependent upon the manufacturers of the devices, the operating systems, and often the cellular providers.  Sometimes they may be released for the same operating system at different times depending on those providers. Just note the indicator and apply them when they do arrive.