January 2013

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Another Successful Community Food Drive

Once again our community food drive was a great success - thanks to everyone involved in this year's campaign which benefited the local food pantries in Arena, Barneveld, Mazomanie and Spring Green.

In total, we raised in excess of $10,000 and more than 660 pounds of food.

"It was heartening to see the amount of customer and staff support for this effort, especially given current economic conditions" said Gary Harrop, bank president.  "We sincerely thank all those who participated to make this effort a success."

This year, we added a bonus   by connecting with many new friends on Facebook.  For each new "Like" on our Facebook page this past September and October, we donated $5.00 to the food drive fund.  We received 92 new "Likes" thus increasing our contribution an additional $450.

Furthermore, we matched your cash donations up to $1,000 combined across all locations.  As an added incentive, those of you who contributed $5 or more in cash or 3 or more canned/dry goods were eligible to enter a drawing for a $100 gift card to be given at each of our five locations. 

The five winners of these $100 gift cards have been selected and notified. 

Thanks again to all of you who participated in this campaign!

About the Local Food Pantries
There are food pantries in Arena, Barneveld, Mazomanie and Spring Green; and in several other communities within Iowa, Dane, and Sauk Counties.  All of the pantries are free and all disburse supplies to anyone in the community having need.  Use of the pantry by those in need is confidential.

6 Safety Tips for ATM & Debit Cards

When it comes to protecting your identity, it is essential to manage ATM/debit and credit cards with extreme care.  If not handled properly, ATM/debit cards can present significant financial vulnerabilities. 

Following these six guidelines will help to keep your ATM/debit card safe from thieves, and most importantly, better protect your financial information:

  • Your PIN should never include birth dates, phone numbers, addresses or parts of your Social Security number.
  • Do not write down or carry your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in your purse or wallet.
  • When you receive a new card, sign it immediately.
  • Never let anyone else use your ATM/Debit card.
  • Be sure to get your card back after using it, and inventory your cards periodically to make sure that none are missing.
  • Keep your receipts and verify them against your monthly statement.

The few moments that these simple steps require is time well spent.  Remember that YOU are the first line in the defense against identity theft and fraud.

5 Ways to Save Money in the New Year

What better way to start 2013 than with an action plan to save money?  Getting started early is the best way to get ahead.  Here are five easy ways you can save money without changing your lifestyle.

(1)  Find Deals via Your Smartphone.  Do you have a smartphone? If so, be sure to download mobile apps that will search for mobile coupons.  With these apps, a barcode appears on the screen of your iPhone or Android.  Show your screen to the cashier and receive the discount.  No more need to print coupons.

(2)  Stop Paying ATM Surcharge Fees.  At $2 to $3 per withdrawal, surcharge fees can add up.  In fact, just one withdrawal per week can cost as much as $100-150 per year.  Knowing where to find surcharge-free ATMs can save a bundle.  Thankfully, your debit card from The Peoples Community Bank provides you access to more than 20,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the U.S.  Search here for surcharge-free ATM locations nationwide.

(3)  Track Your Expenses.  Do you know how much money you spend each month?  Once you've identified your exact expenses, you can pinpoint areas where you can save money.  How much are you spending on coffee?  How much are your auto-related expenses?  To help track your expenses, try Finance Works, our free personal financial management tool available to you through Online Banking.

(4)  Save Money with the Library.  Your public library is home to a wealth of resources. Of course you can borrow books instead of buying them, but they also often have subscriptions to high cost services or publications like Hoovers or Valueline.   It can also be a cheap (free) way to catch a few good DVD movies, or listen to popular CDs.

(5)  Saving Energy = Saving Money.  Even though, "Being green is so IN right now," the "normal" thing to do is waste energy.   So not only will everyone think you are cool, but you can save money as well.  If you have a water heater built before 2004, you can wrap it with an insulating jacket and save $30 a year on your water heating bill.

These are just five ideas we came up with to help you save money. 
Have ideas to share?  Please post your suggestions to our Facebook page.

Tap, Snap and Deposit

Deposit checks fast with your smart phone

Early in 2013, you will be able to deposit checks on the go using your Smart Phone.  Using our mobile banking app - which you can download free from the App Store - you can take advantage of this new service from The Peoples Community Bank.

Just tap the app and snap a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check. 

It's fast, secure and, best of all - it's free.*

  • Anytime, Anywhere - Deposit checks 24/7 wherever you and your Smart Phone go.
  • Secure - Rest assured that it's as secure as our online banking service.
  • Easy - Make a deposit with just a few taps and camera clicks.
  • Quick - Save a trip to the bank or ATM and avoid the delay of mailing checks.

To register and be approved for mobile deposit you'll  simply make your request through our online banking service.  More information will be provided to you soon as this new convenience is made available to you.

*Data transfer fees may apply from your mobile carrier

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