November 2013

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November-December 2013

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Join Our Community Food Drive 

Fill an empty table for someone in need this holiday season.

The Peoples Community Bank is hosting our annual Community Food Drive from November 15th to December 15th to benefit our local food pantries and we're inviting you to join us in this effort.  In return for your generous support we're offering several incentives:

  • Anyone donating three (3) or more canned/dry goods, or $5.00 or more in cash, will be eligible to enter a drawing for a $100 VISA gift card at each of our locations.  
  • Unlimited entries into the drawing are permitted.
  • The bank will match cash donations up to $1,000 to be disbursed between our food pantries in Arena, Barneveld, Mazomanie and Spring Green.
  • And, bank employees can wear blue jeans to work during the 30-day period but they have to contribute $5.00 toward the effort each day that they do so.
  • All proceeds from our Community Food Drive will go to support those needing assistance in our local communities.

Hours & Locations:  Drop off your donations on weekdays from 8:30am - 5:00pm or Saturdays 8:30am - Noon at any of our five locations:

  • Arena - 614 Highway 14
  • Barneveld - 100 Ernie Drive
  • Mazomanie  - 222 W. Commercial Street
  • Plain - 1065 Main Street
  • Spring Green - 166 S. Lexington Street
For more information, please contact any representative of The Peoples Community Bank by phone at (800) 795-2151.

Lobby Hours for the Holiday Season

Lobby hours at our five locations will be modified during the coming Holiday Season.  Please make note of the following schedule:

  • On Tuesday, December 24th, we will be open from 8:30am to Noon.
  • We will be closed on Christmas day.
  • On New Year's Eve our lobbies will be open from 8:30am to 5:00 p.m.
  • We will be closed on New Year's Day.
  • If you need a transaction processed for 2013, these transactions must be made prior to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, December 31.  

Happy Holidays from The Peoples Community Bank
Another Holiday Season is here.  A time for family and friends; a time for joy and cheer.  Make this year's holiday season safe and memorable, filled with warmth, fun and laughter.  Happy Holidays from your friends at The Peoples Community Bank!

3 Security Tips to Protect Yourself Online

A recent survey found that consumers with smartphones are 30 percent more likely to be victims of identify fraud.  Certain behaviors on social media, such as posting birthday information on a public profile, can also increase security risk.  With a growing number of places for thieves to steal your information, follow these simple tips to help protect your identity online.

Protect Your Device

When using the internet for activities like shopping or banking, be sure to protect the device you use to connect.  Whether that's a computer, tablet or smartphone, make certain to keep your virus protection software up to date.  Install and activate a firewall and use spyware software.  If you do conduct financial transactions online, check to make sure you're on a secure website.

Protect Your Email

Email is another potentially vulnerable source of sensitive financial information.  Never send your Social Security Number, bank account or credit card information via email, and be wary of emails that ask you to confirm your personal information.  Always call the institution using the number you have (on your billing statement or the back of the credit card), not the number listed in the email. 

Create Better Passwords

No matter how secure a financial institution or shopping website may be, if your password is easy to guess you are still at risk of fraud.  Do not use your name, birthday or pet's name.  This information may be readily available to many people, especially if you post it on social media.  The best passwords are often derived from an entire phrase rather than a single word, and incorporate letters, numbers and special characters.  Changing your passwords periodically will also help enhance your security. 
Finally, if you suspect your account has been compromised, contact us immediately to minimize the damage and protect your assets.


4 Ways to Benefit from Credit Cards

In 1950, the first "Diners Club" credit cards were given out to 200 people, and were accepted by 14 restaurants in New York.  The concept of the card grew and by the end of 1950, 20,000 people were using the Diners Club credit card.
Today in the U.S. there are almost 610 million credit cards in circulation.  As we all know, there can be serious consequences with running up big credit card debt.  However, a credit card can be a powerful tool when used correctly.  
Here are several instances when using your plastic might actually pay off.

Boosting Your Credit Score

Your credit history can help you get more attractive terms on loans for big-ticket purchases such as a home or vehicle.  Wise use of your credit card can help boost your credit score.  Your credit score also factors in how much debt you carry, so keeping a low balance also helps.

Security When Buying Online 

Using a credit card can help protect you from unauthorized charges over $50 if you are billed for purchases you did not make.  With debit cards, the funds are withdrawn directly from your checking account, thus making it very difficult to recover from theft.

Additional Protection Coverage

If you use your credit card to book a vacation, check with the card issuer to see if they offer insurance coverage for trip cancellation, lost baggage or car rental.  For example, if you book a flight, your credit card receipt can offer proof of purchase if your flight is cancelled or your tickets stolen.

Protecting Big-Ticket Purchases

Some credit cards offer extended warranties on electronics, appliances and specified products that may even double the manufacturer's warranty period.  If you are planning a major purchase, compare the protection offered by your credit card company vs. the extended warranty that is offered by the manufacturer.
When you use your credit cards sensibly they can be powerful tools.  But like any tool, they are most effective when you understand their proper use.  Get to know what's in the fine print and use it to your advantage.  Put your fantastic plastic to work, helping build your financial future.

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