Raise Your Rate CD

Looking for a CD with a little flexibility? We've got you covered with the Raise Your Rate CD. 

How it works:

If the posted APY on the 24-month certificate of deposit increases and exceeds the APY on your Raise Your Rate CD, you may elect to increase the APY on this certificate to the then current APY being paid on the 24-month, fixed-rate certificate of deposit (Bump-Up Feature). When the "Bump-Up" feature is enacted, the new APY will apply to your account until maturity. This feature is available once during the initial term of your Raise Your Rate CD.

This 24-month CD requires a minimum deposit of $10,000 to open and obtain the Annual Percentage Yield (APY).  A penalty for early withdrawal applies and may invade principal. Raise Your Rate CD will automatically renew for a 24-month term upon maturity at the 24-month certificate of deposit rate in effect at maturity.

The current interest rate on this account is fixed at 2.47% which produces an APY of 2.50% when the minimum balance is maintained.

Current Rates

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