A more convenient way to manage your Peoples Community Bank debit card.

Have you ever lost your debit card or misplaced your wallet? You probably turned your house upside down looking for it. After some frantic searching you may have called us to cancel your debit card, only to find it between your car seat and center console the next day. It’s happened to the best of us. These are the types of headaches that we want to alleviate for you. And now we have a solution!

MobiMoney is a free mobile app that enables you to manage your Peoples Community Bank debit card right from your phone. Not only does it allow you to turn your card on and off, you’re also able to set up transaction alerts and can limit debit card usage based on merchant type, transaction type, and dollar thresholds. MobiMoney puts you in full control of your debit card.

MobiMoney Features:

  • Turn Your Card On/Off (no delay)
  • Receive Transaction and Fraud Alerts
  • Limit Usage Based On:
    • Merchant Type
    • Transaction Type
    • Spending Limits
  • Monitor Recent Transactions

Download the MobiMoney App to get started today!