POP Money - Pay Other People

Person to Person (P2P)

This feature allows you to send and request money from other individuals by using their cell phone number, email address or account number to initiate the process.

How It Works:

  • Log into online banking on your computer or through The Peoples Community Bank mobile app (details below). 
  • Send or request money by simply entering the individual's cell phone number, email address or account number.
    • Sending Money: A text or email will be sent to the recipient. He/She can accept the incoming funds by inputting and verifying his or her account information. 
    • Requesting Money: A text or email will be sent to the other individual, where he/she inputs his/her account information and verifies the charge for the requested funds.
  • After a successful transfer, your contacts will be saved in an address book for future use.


  • Unlimited Person-to-Person transfers.
  • This process takes about 3-5 business days.
  • Expedited "next day" transfers are available for $10.00 (cheaper than a wire transfer!)

Account to Account (A2A) - External Transfers

This feature allows you to transfer money to/from accounts that are in your name at other financial institutions.


  • This process works via Automatic Clearing House (ACH) and takes 3 to 5 business days
  • Unlimited incoming A2A transfers to your accounts at The Peoples Community Bank without service charge

Mobile P2P Transfers

It's never been easier to transfer funds while you're on the go. With mobile P2P transfers through The Peoples Community Bank app you can easily pay your babysitter, your roommate for your share of the cable bill, or transfer funds to your son or daughter who is away at college.

To transfer funds today:

  • Open your Peoples Community Bank App and select More from the home screen
  • Select Popmoney
  • Enter the phone number or email address of the person you wish to transfer funds
  • Verify the details and confirm the payment.


Where do I find the P2P/A2A options online?

When logged into Online Banking select the "Move Money" tab followed by "External Transfers".

P2P Transfers: Select "Pay Other People"

A2A Transfers: Select "Transfer Between My Accounts"